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The growth of the digital currency market has been phenomenal. Bitcoin has become a strong asset used as an instrument to increase wealth and provide excellent returns on investment. However for the inexperienced this new market can be complex to understand. Many potential investors have not grasped the ins-and-outs of how to reap monetary returns by using the crypto-currency technology and because of this simply rule it out as an alternative form of investment.

We are here to close that gap.


Our company offers equities to our clients with the opportunity to borrow assets in order to enhance their companyโ€™s balance sheet with the purpose of maintaining or expanding their current or new banking relationship. Equity leasing is very common, but relatively unknown to individuals and small, medium and large sized businesses, but it can be an alternative financing option to businesses when equity and/or cash flow is too low according to bank regulations to meet all of the regulatory lending criteria.


Our company invests in transformative business models led by entrepreneurs with unique visions to deliver growth to the market. As a company we tend not to invest in strict investment models, instead we offer these new companies flexibility with each business model requiring our team members to guide and mentor them every step of the way on the path to success. Our diversified commodity portfolio consists of innovative companies in a variety of industries. Our team supports start-up companies by giving them a network of industry contacts.

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