Offshore Tax Planning Strategies. As with any Tax Planning Strategy, there are potential risks associated with taking the offshore route but the potential rewards can make those risks worthwhile. We can refer you to an accomplished offshore tax planning specialist who can help you decide whether this sort of strategy is the best for you and your company.


We invest with a focus on alternative credit and a commitment to delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation for are clients. We target fundamentally sound start-up businesses in need of liquidity or capital structure transformation and take a lead role in the financial restructuring process. Market performance has been seen to be more unbalanced and become relevant in recent times, including the absence of liquidity in the marketplace. This lack of liquidity in the markets cannot be taken on face value as the basis of the changes that have occurred in the liquidity conditions recently.


CIF Global Markets believe that financial clarity can be achieved by implicating and applying complete preparation and fundamental analysis before we recommend any potential investments to our investors. Our team provides continuous advice on capital preservation to all of our clients, giving the client a much clearer view of their financial portfolio and simplifies the approach to wealth management.

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