CIF Global Markets gives you a personal Advisory Program which is individualised to your needs and manages your assets and investments. This Advisory Program allows the whole investment procedure to be catered to your needs and makes it easier for you to comprehend and handle. The program will also take care of all matters relating to tax efficiency and risk management which safeguards and preserves your wealth.


CIF Global Markets offers you the best financial planning services available. Our financial consultants will guide you through every step of the advisory process. Your personalised investment profile will include the identification of your investment objectives, the length of time involved in the investment, the required income and risk management. Our consultants will manage your wealth and allocate your assets which will be included in the investment policy statement collaboration. Based on the advisory program we will select the appropriate solutions for your investment, whilst keeping your individual needs in perspective.


Any changes to your private and financial profile will automatically be updated in a timely fashion. Your portfolio will be aligned in accordance with your investment policy statement and your account carefully monitored and evaluated by our financial consultants. Our experienced team of advisors will manage Signature Managed Accounts to help you in accessing personalised individual security investment portfolios. Signature Annuities give you the experience and personal services of your own financial advisor with added advantage of a tax-deferred flexible annuity.


CIF Global Markets’ advisors are responsible for the creation of your individual portfolio of investments. This portfolio may include forex currencies, Stocks, Bonds and fixed income securities. They will guide you are tailor your investments providing expert guidance. We believe that Signature Portfolios gives you the investor a greater variety of model portfolios based on mutual funds and exchange traded funds and will rebalance your regular portfolio. ? pursues a strict underwriting approach that puts a high priority on capital preservation and risk-mitigation, while maintaining attractive upside optionality. Likely sources of protection include a recurring cash flow, strong asset values, structural protections, hedging, or by other means.  Our disciplined approach balances capital preservation with value creation. By doing so we generate consistent high quarterly returns on all the cycles.

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